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Cuisine at home August 2008

Cuisine at home August 2008

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Issue 70: 
More warm-weather recipes await you in our primo guide to grilled ribs and grilled lamb. Korean barbecue and zesty chicken burgers only taste complicated. You have our permission to eat dessert first--old-fashioned ice cream and scrumptious fried pies.

In This Issue

Cuisine Class
BBQ Ribs 6
Sticky and savory, make these ribs part of summer's ultimate feast. Be sure to have plenty of napkins - you'll need 'em!

Cuisine Class
BBQ ribs - a summer spread 10
Table For Two
Korean BBQ at home 14
Quick-grilled beef doused in a tangy dipping sauce - what's not to like?

Table For Two
Hawaiian huli-huli 16
Hawaii not in your vacation plans? You can still get a taste of the tropics with these glazed chicken drumsticks.

Cuisine Technique
Elegant lamb made easy 18
A simple grilling technique makes quick work of these lamb chops. Why save it for a special occasion? Try it tonight!

Basic Recipes
Basic Recipes 24
Don't be surprised if you turn to these recipes for some of the season's favorites again and again - even after things start to cool down.

Ice cream scoops 26
Don't underestimate the power of a good ice cream scoop. It makes one of summer's big chores a little easier.

All About
Time for Tea 28
Move over coffee - there's a new brew in town. This article will help you navigate the big, wide world of loose leaf teas.

All About
Brewing basics / Tea ice cream 30
Green tea and chai add their special touch to homemade vanilla ice cream.

Cooking Right
Diner Delights 32
Grilled and good for you, these slimmed down classics never tasted so good!

Cooking Right
Juicy chicken burgers 33
Cooking Right
Parmesan oven fries 34
Cooking Right
Dreamy chocolate malts 35
Weeknight Menu
Garden gazpacho 36
Weeknight Menu
Vaquero steaks 38
Weeknight Menu
Seafood fritto misto 40
Grand Finale
Watermelon mint juleps 52

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