Friday, May 15, 2015

Summer 1992 Corvette Quarterly John Greenwood Racing Corvette ZF S6-40

Summer 1992 Corvette Quarterly Magazine

Aerospace Hot Rod - Dick Guldstrand's new Grand Sport 90 sports car project reflects a lifetime of enthusiasm over things that go fast
Truth or Dare - Our writer gets a chance to travel back in time 30 years and live a fantasy: Four hours in a 1959 B Production racer at fabled Willow Springs International Raceway
A Matter of Insurance - With skyrocketing premiums, insuring your car, especially a Corvette, can be a costly matter. Here's an insider's guide to getting the lowest rates for your Vette
Geared for Greatness - A guided tour through the gears of the Corvette ZF S6-40 six-speed manual transmission
Pride of America - From Woodward Avenue to the Mulsanne stright, John Greenwood has built a career pushing the envelope of Corvette performance
No Snake Oil - Standard issue on the new Corvette LT1 engine is Mobile 1 synthetic oil. A look at its performance advantages
Reunited - Separated for nearly 20 years, fate brings a man, a woman and their Corvette back together. A love story.

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Summer 1992 Corvette Quarterly John Greenwood Racing Corvette ZF S6-40 six-speed$1.99

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