Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Vintage Magazine Advertising at ivanhoe.ecrater only $3.00

Vintage Super Suds Magazine Advertisement

Flako "How Good Cooks Make Cup Cakes" Magazine Ad
thomas english muffins magazine ad
Vintage Magazine Ad for A&P Super Markets for Ann Page Products
Vintage Ritz Crackers Magazine Advertisement
Pard Dog Food Vintage Magazine Advertisement rare
Sweetheart toilet soap, Original vintage Woman's Day Magazine Print Art.


Flakorn Corn Muffin Mix, Print Ad. B&W Illustration Original Vintage
baker's coconut magazine ad
Vintage Magazine Print Ad Post Toasties Corn Flakes
Vintage Magazine Print Ad Post Toasties Corn Flakes
Worcester Salt & Super Suds Magazine Advertisement
vintage Gerber's baby food magazine b&w print ad
vintage fletcher's costoria magazine ad
 Vintage Spry Shortening Magazine Ad Print
Baker's Coconut Vintage Magazine Advertisement
Sweetheart Toilet Soap Vintage AD

most advertising listed is from vintage Woman's Day Magazines
Neatly trimmed and laminated
original ads, not copies


1.  Makes a great gift idea for Advertising Executives and Salespeople. 
2.  Makes a great gift idea for someone, maybe your grandfather that retired from the company or is still working for the company shown in the Vintage Ad.
3.  Frame the Vintage Ad and you have instant Art Deco that would look unique on any wall in the home or office.  Off beat or funny Vintage Ads would be a great conversation starter.
4.  Decorate restaurants, bars, or stores to create a one-of-kind look. 
5.  Makes a great gift idea for the people that collect memorabilia as a hobby or as die-hard collectors.  Examples include Elvis, Campbell’s, Parker Pens, and many others.
6.  Decorate a room with a framed Vintage Ad that has a holiday theme such as Christmas.  Santa in the Coca-Cola Ads is a good example.
7.  Makes a great gift idea for the classic car owner or collector.
8.  Makes a great gift idea for Travel Agents and Travel Guides of Vintage Ads that show travel around the US and abroad.  Travel Ads from the 1920’s list “Round the World” cruises that last over a month!
9.  Decorate a shop or man cave with Vintage Ads of classic cars, antique cars, or boats.
10.  Makes a great gift idea for 40th, 50th, 60th, or 70th Birthday of someone special with a Vintage Ad from the year they were born.  Also could make a great Wedding Anniversary gift.

During ad campaigns most ads were produced one time only and never reproduced commercially again making them great pieces of history that reflect the products and services of the day.

You get the ad only, not the entire magazine. Please review the picture. Some ads do show signs of age, discoloration, and wear. What you see in the photo is what you get.

A unique gift idea - great for hanging in the garage or den.
Great conversation piece! This would be a great item to frame up or laminate and display in your parts store, body shop, den or office. 

staples pulled out of magazine, page intact, uncut.
Compare to other vintage magazine ads, our prices are the best!

Advertising has been trimmed and laminated.

visit ivanhoe.ecrater to see hundreds of vintage advertising.

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