Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Music Cassettes Only $2.00......Why?

I'm not crazy...............
When you have over 2500 cassettes in your collection, you have to be a little creative to get rid of them.  Plus, it is a lot easier when you list to do a set price, set shipping and not have to look at Amazon or Ebay to see the selling prices.

Against Amazon, my shipping price is $2.99 not $3.99
Go ahead and compare to Amazon and Ebay
More than times not, I'm going to win.

A lot of cassettes are numbered, and now are in alphabetical order.

If you love music, your going to love ivanhoe.ecrater

Low prices all the time.............
Shipping rates are honest

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  1. Come and see me at Fort Myers, Florida largest flea market.

    Fleamasters is open friday, saturday and sunday
    I am at the exits 10-4
    how easy is that to rmember

    over 9500 items on
    so, shop on the computer
    most items are at the flea market

    over three hundred (300) disney pins for sale.
    $4.00 or 3 for $10
    tradeable pins at the park

    look at ivanhoe.ecrater to see what you might find.

    Vintage magazines and cassette tapes.

    DVD’ only a dollar.
    Buy 3 and get them for $2.00

    Golf clubs galore
    $3.00 on assorted wedges
    $5.00 on assorted putters
    Ping and Cobra Clubs
    Complete Cobra Golf Sets
    Left Handed and Right Handed
    rental clubs from the golf course I work at

    Kid’s golf clubs misc. only $2
    Kid’s golf sets #25
    with bag

    Used, like new Golf bags from $10 to $60

    BARWARE - NFL, MLB, Kentucky Derby, Horse Racing, Domestic, German, Peanuts, Strawberry Shortcake, Winnie the Pooh, Disney,
    Craft Beer, Cartoon Characters and so much more.

    LED Cork Bottle Rechargeable Light.
    This is very popular. Sold out first two days.
    Great for back bar.
    Night Light

    Compare to Bed Bath and Beyond and Walmart
    I have the lowest price on these in this area.
    2 for $15 or $8.00 each