Saturday, October 1, 2016

Making Glasses From Beer Bottles - Fact or Fiction A True Experience

bottle cutters are a great for scoring device and cut mark onto bottles of various shapes and sizes at any angle. 
They do not cut bottles.  
The rest is up to you.
You have watched you tube and seen a number of videos.

It all looks so easy.  

Fire, ice, hot, cold , easy sanding.

I hear people saying that they saw the video.
they can do that.
People walking buy see me sanding by hand, 
and ask a hundred questions.

Forget about it.  
Customer acceptable glass better have a smooth beveled edge.

I have invested over $200 on this project to sell at the flea market.
Although, not season and high traffic
Sales 3 pieces
A lot to go to recover the investment.

Number one, you can not find any cutters/scoring in the stores.
Hobby Lobby had the G2 Green Machine.

Cut a number of bottles with this with a 75% success rate.

My advice, upgrade all screws, wing nuts washers, and re-glue the nozzle.
Cheapest they could put into the box.
Customer service was going to send me a new bar with nozzle.
Told me to buy upgraded wing nuts, ect. at a box store.

Cheaper to buy a new one at Hobby Lobby with a coupon for $40% off.

Never used the tap tool.

I see it in my third bedroom and rusting.

Cheap, cheap, cheap

But, sell a lot of barware in the flea market and thought this was a good idea.
Complimenting my barware


Investment is over my head with this.

Once a scorch line, I used a small torch.

Did not try the hot cold method, did not want to do it in the kitchen.
Wife would really get on my ass.

Rotating the bottle, heat from torch, good success rate.

Cut a case of bottles, not moving the G2 settings, so they all got to a uniform height.

Now, I have a case of beer bottles cut to size,  very nice.

I'm going to make some money in this!

Make it saleable now.

Number of different sand papers tried.

 I do this at the flea market, since I have a lot of free time.

Not bad results.

But, not good enough..................

A lot, of lookers, no sales.

Bought the Saber Tooth Diamond Sanding Pads by Bottle Cutting Inc. will take your bottle crafting to the next level.

A little bit pricey but worth the investment.

On a clean cut , using water, it gets a ten for performance.

Get a bad cut, happens a lot
You need a rotary tool, add up more on this project.

Cheaper to buy Harbor Freight accessory kit with a coupon for the finishing pieces.

I am buying the cheap rotary tool for like $7.00 with coupon and comes with accessories.
I have the bigger one, but I think the lower rpms will do better in sanding.

I can see why they sell on the internet for over $5.00

Bottle Cutter , not really a cutter, $18 plus
Sandpaper assorted grits............
Diamond Saber Sanding Blocks
Butane Torch
Rotary Tool
Assortment of rotary tool parts, sandpaper

Polyurethane for paper labels on bottle
Wine bottles,  some bud, craft beers ext.

At the flea market, I need cleaning supplies, paper towels, rags
Another minor expense

All these expenses add up!

I am going through all cut glasses at the present moment.....about 200

Using a rotary tool to put a bevel edge.

Then use the 400 Saber Tooth Sand Paper to finish it off

The Bottom Line

Since I do mostly beer bottles, I use a automotive hose clamp

WTF, are you kidding..................

Use a dremel type rotary tool

Magic Marker the line, move the clamp a little to continue the round circle

Use my mini- torch to crack the bottle
Moving the bottle in a circler motion
You get use to when the bottle is ready

Use your diamond sanding pad
Outside / Inside first
then top

Sand out any imperfections

Use the dremel or another rotary tool

Top is reserved for the Diamond Sanding Pad

Clean the dust out of the glass

Polyurethane the label

After a time, look to see if label is lifting
May need another coat

Pressing down on corners when drying.

I am selling glasses at $3.00
Be it a Cutty Sark etched glass or hand cut beer bottle.

Is this a profitable 
Is it time consuming...................................yes
is advertising false, that it is a bottle cutter.......yes
is it as easy as it
expensive to finish a product..........yes

It is not as easy as it looks on video
I have hundreds of people touching, feeling, and talking
I saw the video
I can do that..........................

Two months into this project
Hoping to break even after Xmas

All I want at this point

I fell for the info commercial
Evidently, you did
Or, you would not be looking

PT Barnum said it best
A Sucker is Born  Every Minute

If you decide to this good luck...........
You have read a first hand account
on how to make beer bottles into glasses

and MAYBE make some money
or break even for cost.
Your time

You just are not going to make money on this.............
email me in January and I will tell you

If someone has a low price , DIY plans for a scorching tool, email me.

I could sell a couple  a weekend at the flea market, 

this is my experience in bottle cutting 101


  1. I hear it all. How easy it is to to make a glass out of a bottle.
    Seen it on the internet.
    So easy to do......................
    At $3.00 a glass, this is a steal compared to what you are going to go through..............and the cost associated with making your own glass.

    Listen to experience

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