Sunday, April 9, 2017

Comcast Speed Increase Charge - Better Check your last statement

I came home from work and my wife asked me if I upgraded Comcast with a Speed Increase at $15
Without any authorization, Comcast just added this to my bill.  When on the Chat line at Comcast, I was told that it migrated from the old system.

They took it off ASAP

How many other customers have been ripped off with the same experience?

Why do you have to fine tooth your cable bill for a false charge.....

If the charge went undetected, the collect $180 a year from me.

The cable company cannot get away the bull crap charge.
Where i the watchdog --I read about all the time.

Cannot imagine the amount of money they will reap of phony billing.

Check your bill

If I helped one -- my time here paid off........................................

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