Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Salt and Pepper Caps, Make Your Own Salt & Pepper Shakers


Caps Spice up your kitchen with these cool =Salt & Pepper shaker caps! Makes a great filler item for your order. The blue shaker bottle caps have an embossed . They will fit any non screw (the kind you need a bottle opener) standard bottle cap size beer bottle opening and even some wine bottles for all you sodium lovers out there. 12oz, 7oz, 22oz beer bottles work perfect **Bottles Not Included

I mailed a set of beer bottles today with salt and pepper caps.  Shocked by the $10.03 charge and the box price.
I broke even on this................................
Here is my deal and best advice.

Buy 6 salt and pepper tops from me for five dollars
 with three dollars shipping
drink the beer, have fun
six packs of pony bottles are $4-6
keep two, give the rest away, or save for a garage sale.
no brainer.
shipping charges will kill you.

Most Grocery Stores carry three different 7 oz. bottles
Bud Light, Corona and Heniken

This is the best way out
get six salt and pepper caps
buy a six pack of pony bottles
drink the beer
keep two
give the rest to friends
total cost only ten dollars
no brainer
compare to amazon and ebay
Great gift idea
party favors
wedding favors
house warming
picnic idea
shipping in inexpensive on six caps

I sell at the flea market for $4.00 a set

Be the life of the party

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