Friday, May 22, 2015

Protest and Survive by Generated X-ed $1.00

Protest and Survive by Generated X-ed$1.00
Genre:Industrial, Rock & Pop
new and sealed
Track Listing
1. LSD Recharge
2. My Riot
3. Silversurfa vs. Thabomb
4. Rock 'N' Roll Terrorist
5. Industrial Is Dead
6. Stammhein
7. Teach Ya Hate by Goya
8. I Take the "F" Out of My Life
9. Die Kinder Sind Allein
10. Protest & Survive
11. Rock 'N' Roll Terrorist - (Director's Cut remix)
ships mon/wed/fri
low prices all the time
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dare to compare
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  1. I am at fleamasters, Fort Myers in the music pavilion of the east parking lot booth #6 Tons of sheet music and songbooks, dvd, cd, books and craft magazine back issues. Stop by and "Give me Five" Most items 2/4/5-3/4/5 Books priced lower than amazon.

  2. I have moved from the east end to the west end/. NW30
    Entrance 10 in the pavilon, exit 4 from main building